Recipe Review: Brownies for Valentines


Best Brownies from “Big Girls Small Kitchen”

Yummy, brownie batter

Yummy brownie batter

Valentine’s Day is a day to show love and affection to those you care about. Chris does this by watching BBC’s Sherlock and buying me bubble bath. Tchai shows her affection by making me her human bed. Zelda occasionally head-butts me and I think that’s her sign of love. I show my love through baking. One of the best treats to do this in my opinion is brownies. I think really good made from scratch brownies are one of the best things ever. The best brownie is soft and fudgy on the interior and has a crunchy-crisp top. I like a deep, complex dark chocolate with a nice rounded sweetness. I do enjoy pecans or walnuts mixed in, but to me, dark chocolate chips make them divine.


Tchai showing how much she loves me, by laying all over me…

I used this Big Girls Small Kitchen recipe because it seemed to be a well-balanced place to start. I liked that it called for unsweetened chocolate versus bittersweet or semi-sweet. I think unsweetened is the best way to get that dark chocolate flavor I crave. I used my 2 quart sauce pan to melt the butter and chocolate and then tossed the rest of the ingredients into the pan, which saved an extra bowl in clean up. The recipe calls for 1 cup of add-ins. I used a mixture of semi-sweet and white chocolate chips (because that’s what I had in my pantry). On a slightly related note, I suggest using a serrated knife when chopping chocolate, it’s so much easier!

Chopped Chocolate for Brownies

Chopped Chocolate for Brownies

Once the brownies finish baking, the recipe instructs that they go directly in the freezer to cool. I thought this was odd but I followed along as directed, hoping it would make the brownies easier to free from the pan. Unfortunately, that was not the case. It took some ungraceful finagling but I finally got the gooey little squares out. Chris didn’t appreciate having to wait for the freezer brownies to come to room temperature

The completed brownies, thawing from the freezer

The completed brownies, thawing from the freezer


I think this brownie recipe was good, but not amazing. The white chocolate chips were a bad choice because they added too much candy-bar like sweetness for me. I also felt there was too much of a sugary taste and not enough chocolate. Chris agreed with my opinions, my boss however really liked the brownies… so much so that the last few mysteriously disappeared from my desk.
To sum up, I think these brownies are perfect for those who aren’t fans of a dark, complex chocolate. I would definitely use them for a bake sale or as a gift for one of my classes, but they aren’t going to be the recipe I make for when I crave that gooey confection.


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