Back from Hiatus


Dearest readers, I apologize for the lack of blog posts recently. It’s been a very busy/stressful month and a half at the 2 Cats household.

                Chris and I have entered the exciting and daunting world of homeownership. At the end of March the family packed up and moved into our very own slice of three story heaven.  I’m super excited to have such a fantastic kitchen to play in. I don’t have everything unpacked or know where all the appliances will live, but I look forward to the challenge of putting it all together.

Our kitchen :-D

Our kitchen 😀

                I’ve missed blogging and testing recipes. It would have been quite impossible to do though, with all of my pots and pans packed into boxes. I find it is a great way to explore my creativity and very theraputic. The more I worked on recipe testing, the less scary I found the idea of formulating my own concoctions. My hope now is to add more recipes of my own design. Please, as always, feel free to write in questions and suggestions.  I will do my best to accommodate. Our email address here is

                Oh! If you were wondering, Tchaikovsky and Zelda seem to be adjusting to their new home well. They have a lot of places to explore. There is a little snafu that includes some anxiety medication, but we’ll save that for another post.

Tchai in our new tub

Tchai in our new tub