As you may have noticed I haven’t been in this little corner of the internet for awhile. Originally, it was because the first of our two busy seasons at work had kicked in. Then, it was honestly out of embarassment that I hadn’t posted for weeks…and then months…and then there was Zelda….

As adoreable as my grey fur baby is, she’s a handful. We got her from a no-kill shelter who told us Zelda had a “rough past”. The manifested itself in eating as fast as possible, stealing Tchai’s food, howling at ungodly hours in the morning and peeing everywhere but the litter box. Eventually we got most of these things under control…except the peeing.

I’ve tried everything; I took her to the vet several times for bloodwork, I purchased an additional kitty box, I changed litter like 8 times, I even eventually put her on behavioral medication. The meds worked for like 4 or 6 months, but then, it was back to peeing on carpet, & in the bath tub. I got some “cat attract” pheremone litter as my last stitch attempt to make Zelda happy. This seemed to work…until last week when I was cleaning I found dried pee on our hardwood floors….and then I admitted defeat.

Chris and I have called the shelter and await when they have a vacancy and can take Zelda back to be re-adopted. What Zelda needs we just don’t have…a yard. I have been incredibly upset by all of this and I dread the phone call from the shelter when I have to take our baby away and never see her again.

Consequently the day we called the shelter, Zelda peed on the carpet in front of me…maybe she’s silently aware that she’s “dead kitty walking”. {She’s in no danger of dying, we’re taking her back to the no kill shelter}.

So….what do I call this blog once Zelda has left our home? I love cats and would love to have 2, but….I can’t just replace our little famly member so quickly.

My goal is to start blogging again within the next two weeks, hopefully I’ll be able to stick to that. But for the meantime, any good vibes sent our way would be helpful.