Recipe Review: Corn Dogs


Corn Dogs

For the Recipe:

Roz trying to find food on the kitchen floor

Roz trying to play with part of a wooden skewer

My apologies dear readers for my long absence, the month of March has been an incredibly busy and stressful time. I spent the first week or so trying to catch up at work from all of the snow days. This included building next year’s class schedule, compiling spring evaluation forms from instructors, and writing somewhere around 100 placement letters for our families.  At the same time, my own students (I teach theatre classes for those who don’t know) had their big yearly showcase. It went super well and I was a very proud mama bear. The very next weekend, we had our studio-wide fundraiser for our May ballet. I ended up MC’ing at the last minute due to a sudden case of Mono. Needless to say, I haven’t really had a lot of down time to relax and think about cooking or blogging.

But now that the craziness has passed and Spring is underway. I am working towards getting on a regular writing and posting schedule. How do other bloggers do it? I have yet to figure out how to juggle all these pieces. Suggestions and hints are always welcome in the comment section.


Speaking of March Madness, the NCAA tournament is of great importance in the 2 Cats household. Chris is a lifelong Duke fan and roots for his team during the tourney. I’m pretty new to this whole basketball thing; I watched my first game when Duke won its last national title. I was really excited when UGA made it to the dance this year….and annoyed when they got eliminated in the first round *sigh*. This past weekend when Duke was playing Michigan State in the Final Four, I decided I’d make a Chris-pleasing sports appropriate dinner, homemade corn dogs.

I can’t recall ever eating a corn dog before I met Chris. I had an aversion to hot dogs for a while due to a lecture on their contents and processing by a middle school teacher. But eventually I moved past that fear and realized that corndogs are just hush puppy batter covering a sausage of meaty goodness. During one Pinterest session, I stumbled on a recipe from the blog “Chef in Training” and thought, why not?  I can make these; they’re simple and straight forward….and deep fried. Deep fried is always good.

While the Duke/ Michigan State game was in half time, I mixed together the dry ingredients and skewered the dogs. This all took around 10 minutes, which gave me plenty of time to set up the frying oil in my large dutch oven and return to the man cave for the second half of the game. Once the game was over (a.k.a. when Duke was so far ahead there was no possible way they could lose) I started heating the oil and mixed the wet & dry ingredients together. The batter was very fluffy and expanded a great deal due to the amount of baking powder.

the ingredients minus the hot dogs

the ingredients minus the hot dogs

I found that because the batter was so fluffy, getting it on to the hot dogs evenly was challenging. I solved the problem by using the back of the spoon to spread the batter around the hotdogs evenly. I did just one corn dog at a time to maintain consistency, but if you had extra hands I think you could make an assembly line for frying and do 2 or 3 dogs at a time.

Fry puppies, fry

Fry puppies, fry

Once the oil was heated, each corn dog took less than 3 minutes to fry. You have to turn the corn dogs every 30-45 seconds, otherwise the frying won’t be even and you might end up with a corn dog that looks somewhat like a dinosaur (or according to Chris, cow utters). I ended up making only 1 package of hot dogs, so there was plenty of batter left. I made a few hushpuppies from the leftover dough, which were unfortunately disappointing due to lack of flavor. Actually, I found even as corndogs, the batter could be livened up a bit with some spices. I think the next time I make these, I may try adding some turmeric and paprika to the dry ingredients, and maybe some red pepper for a little bit of heat.

The corn dogs do lend themselves well to additional sauces and sides. Chris served his pair of corn dogs with some canned hot dog chili (ew). I dipped mine in some homemade sriracha mayo though I think some plain ketchup & mustard would be good as well.

a pair of finished corndogs awaiting sauce

a pair of finished corndogs awaiting sauce

I think once I figure out the spice mixture these corndogs will be perfect for a summer get together or another sporting event. Then again, now that Duke is the tournament champion, I may be required to make these every year as part of the 2 Cats household superstition.


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