Recipe Review: Clementine Ricotta Cookies


Clementine Ricotta Cookies

Recipe from Yummy Addiction

It’s that time of year again; there’s a gingerbread man wreath on our front door, the house is decorated with tinsel and twinkle lights, the Nutcrackers are on the mantle instead of the cats, and the stereo alternates between Handel, Bing Crosby, and Thurl Ravenscroft. Christmas is almost upon us, which means it’s also time for the joys of holiday baking and Christmas cookies.

the set up...with upside down butter

the set up…with upside down butter

I’ve had a recipe for ricotta cookies with orange and poppy seeds that I’ve wanted to try for a while. I bought a container of ricotta for a party earlier this month but ended up not using it. These cookies seemed like the perfect way to not let the cheese go to waste. I know ricotta seems like it’s more suited to pasta than pastry but that mild, fluffy texture is just right for baked goods…

Butter in my man made force field

Butter in my man made force field

While we’re on the subject of baked goods, let me share a quick story. Our dearest Rosalind has a deep abiding love for butter. Anytime I set a stick on the counter for a few hours to come to room temperature I return to find a rather long tongue shaped divot in one end of the butter and a kitty not too far from the scene of the crime. Now, I have to put the sticks of butter under the glass cake dome to keep it safe from our little fur ball. I sometimes worry about her kitty cholesterol.

look at the pretty poppy seeds peaking through the flour

look at the pretty poppy seeds peaking through the flour

,          All the ingredients mixed together.

The batter only requires the use of a hand mixer and is a snap to put together. The recipe calls for oranges but I had just purchased a box of clementines the day before so I decided to use those instead. It took the zest of three clementines and the juice of one to equal the orange zest and juice specified in the recipe. The clementine zest makes the batter smell citrusy and delicious. The poppy seeds add lovely grey-blue specks throughout the batter and give the cookies great texture.

The little cookie/biscuits/cakes/scones out of the oven

The little cookie/biscuits/cakes/scones out of the oven

  Actually, the term cookie is kind of up for debate. I thought the puffs of yellow and blue flecked dough looked like miniature biscuits as they came out of the oven. Because of their light, fluffy consistency Chris called them “cookie shaped cakes”, while my boss’s wife referred to them as scones. However you want to classify them, they are delicious pillows of citrus and poppy seed goodness.

my clementime icing. Dont worry, the seeds were taken out

my clementime icing. Don’t worry, the seeds were taken out

Once the cookies are cool, they’re topped with a quick powdered sugar icing. I used the juice of one and a half clementines to make the icing the right consistency for glazing. Speaking of that, I tried to make that sophisticated crisscross line pattern with the icing…but it didn’t really work. I used the tip of a spoon (which was not the best tool) and the icing sort of splattered around into these weird misshapen zebra stripes. I eventually gave up and just spooned the icing onto the three dozen cookies and called it a night.

Yeah....glazing didn't go as I'd hoped :-(

Yeah….glazing didn’t go as I’d hoped 😦

Since the glaze is the only super sweet part, I think these cookies are good at any time of day. I had one along with my coffee for breakfast one morning (as well as later that night for a bed time treat  J ). Every person who ate the cookies seemed to enjoy them. A few of my students went back for seconds (and attempted thirds!).  I think these ricotta clementine and poppy seed cookies may be a new Christmas tradition.


PS. My next post should be Wednesday, December 30th, so a Happy Christmas to you and yours from the 2 Cats family.

a Christmas Wrapped Tchai

a Christmas Wrapped Tchai

Rosalind says "I can bea Nutcracker too Mom"

Rosalind says “I can be a Nutcracker too Mom”


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