Recipe Review: Black Tea and Honey Pound Cake


Black Tea and Honey Pound Cake

Wanna try it yourself? Here’s the Recipe

 Last week the kitties and I had the house all to ourselves.  Chris was out of town on a business trip and though I miss my fiancée when he’s away, I do enjoy the quiet of being home (mostly) alone. I get to put on PJ’s at 7pm, watch all the British period drama my little heart desires, and the house magically stays much tidier. However, the best thing about being home alone is getting to cook and eat recipes I love without worrying about pleasing my picky eater.

The Tea Cake ingredients

The Tea Cake ingredients

This time my self indulgent recipe was a black tea and honey pound cake from the fabulous blog “The Lady and Pups”.  I love pound cake, it’s uncomplicated, buttery, and satisfies my sweet tooth. This particular recipe is no exception.  The honey in the cake makes it sweet and slightly floral and the black tea gives the cake such a wonderful caramel-y aroma. Speaking of tea, I used a combination of Earl and Lady Grey tea, my favorite winter afternoon brews. They add a slight citrus note to the cake which I really like.  If you wanted a stronger tea flavor, try using an English or Irish breakfast.

mmmm tea milk, smell so good.

mmmm tea milk, smell so good.

 I start the cake by setting out the butter and eggs and steeping the tea milk. The milk takes about an hour to fully steep and cool, but luckily it synchronizes perfectly with the butter coming up to room temperature. If you’re in a hurry, feel free to stick the milk/tea mixture into the fridge and put your butter on the pre-heating oven to soften. Just be careful, you don’t want melted butter for your cake!

The Creamed butter and eggs

The creamed butter and eggs

Tea speckled batter

Light, Fluffy Tea Speckled Batter

In my many years of baking I’ve learned two things that almost always ensure success; whether its cookies, brownies, or cakes. The first is to make sure the eggs and butter are always at room temperature. It makes it much easier to get the ingredients mixed together and a more consistent batter. My other tip is to make sure to take the time (usually 3-5 minutes) to really cream the butter, sugar, and eggs together. It makes the batter light and fluffy and makes a huge difference in the final texture of the cake.

Ready to be baked

Ready to be baked

This tea and honey pound cake is good as dessert with whipped cream, but also a midday snack with fruit preserves, or (my favorite) toasted with cream cheese for breakfast. I actually ate it 3 mornings in a row like that! It’s also great as a hostess gift or as the final course of a dinner party. I’ve taken it to my students a few times, and all I come home with is crumbs!

a slice of supreme yumminess

A slice of supreme yumminess

You know what? An itty bitty part of me is looking forward to Chris’s next business trip and my next self-indulgence! 🙂


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