About 2 Cats



The Blog

     2 Cats and a Kitchen, or 2 Cats for short, is primarily a recipe review blog. The recipes come from cookbooks. magazines, and websites. There will be some original recipes interspursed throughout as well as a few guest bloggers from time to time.

   Want me to try a recipe? Think there’s a cookbook I’ll really like? Please feel free send an email to 2catsandakitchen@gmail.com. I will do my best to answer and post about all the suggestions!

The Cook

Yours Truly, singing in a recital

Yours Truly, singing in a recital

Me at Lincoln Center in New York CIty, 2010

     My name is Keely. I’m a gemini who landed in North Carolina after being raised in South Georgia and attending Musical Theatre school in New York City. I love semisoft cheeses, Indian takeout, and Dark chocolate toffee. I am a fan of the University of Georgia Bulldogs and operas by Mozart. I live with my fiance Chris, who is my food photographer, and best friend.

The Cats

Rosalind & Tchaikovsky attempting to share a cat tree

My two feline mascots are Tchaikovsky (Tchai) and Rosalind. Tchai is an 11 year old zen master. She can be found on the arm of our sofa keeping a watchful eye…or more likely napping. She goes crazy over pizza and other cheesy foods.

Rosalind is our little troublemaker. She is a year old and was adopted in Jan of 2015. She is more playful than her stepsister and loves to get her little paws on anything….really anything.


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